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-- TroyHeninger


-- TroyHeninger - 11 Nov 2003


Worthy Examples

I can think of three examples off the top of my head: web programming, database programmin, XML programming, and properties. I'm sure there are many more. Let me illustrate each of these, though I don't have time at the moment to be thurough. I'll add more later...

Web Programming

When your page or servlet receives an HTTP request, instead of getting a simple javax.servlet.Request object, you would get a DynamicMember. All variables passed thru the URL (using GET) or thru a form (POST) would be available as runtime members of thi object. Also, the session object would be a DynamicMember, so that it's members were set at runtime throughout the life of the session. In a language I designed a few years ago, I also had properties attached to web folders/applications, and the servlet's init parameters that both used the DynamicMembers concept. I also had a temp object for each page that was dynamic, that wouldn't get passed in calls to other pages.

Database Programming

Each ResultSet? object should also be a DynamicMember so that each column can easily be accessed or changed as if it's part of the language. I referred to this idea in the introduction above.

XML Programming

XML would be a natural for this. Each Node would be a DynamicMember so that child nodes could be easily accessed, added, changed, or removed at runtime.

I'll add example code, if you need, when I have a little more time. But I hope I've opened your eyes to the possibilities.

-- TroyHeninger - 13 Nov 2003

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