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FeatureProposals 23 Jun 2005 - 00:08 - r1.19 TWikiGuest
This page is where you can propose new features for Nice. page. You can also edit a feature page to comment on the proposal. PropertySyntax InnerClasses PartialApplicationSyntax ...  
FieldTypeOverriding 02 Aug 2003 - 08:24 - r1.2 DanielBonniot
It is often useful to declare that, in a subclass, a certain field of the superclass has a more precise type. To be safe, this feature only applies to final fields ...  
FlagInterfaces 06 Jun 2003 - 19:17 - r1.7 DanielBonniot
This page shows the concept of FlagInterfaces to solve the typesafety problem of the collections api. Note: this is an immature proposal and the syntax will change ...  
FunctionsReplacedByMultiMethods 18 Oct 2003 - 15:06 - r1.2 DanielBonniot
Note: this has been implemented, as of Nice 0.9.2 Main.DanielBonniot 18 Oct 2003 Imported email discussion: Could there be a way to also be able to separate the ...  

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