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PackageRepository 23 Aug 2004 - 18:29 - r1.5 BrynKeller
This is a draft about how package repositories will be handled. Some motivation for this feature is given Doc.GetInvolved#The Community there . TOC Principle A repository ...  
ParserCombinators 25 Apr 2003 - 18:44 - NEW BrynKeller
Parser combinators are a functional approach to parsing that uses a combination of functions to define the grammar. Some (like me) find that this leads to a pleasantly ...  
PartialApplicationSyntax 24 Feb 2004 - 18:11 - r1.14 IsaacGouy
Imported from SourceForge RFE #672069 Background: Many functional languages provide "curried" functions, of the form a b c, rather than the more typical (in Nice ...  
PerformanceTesting 07 Nov 2003 - 12:10 - NEW DanielBonniot
We already have a comprehensive TestSuite, to check the correctness of the compiler. It would also be very useful to be able to automatically mesure performance. This ...  
PropertySyntax 12 Nov 2003 - 21:24 - r1.8 DanielBonniot
I was thinking if it maybe would be a good idea to let the compiler help when writing properties. What if we could let the compiler automatically create get/set functions ...  

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