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StandardLibrary 02 Jul 2005 - 10:04 - r1.17 TWikiGuest
TOC Documentation for the standard library We need a documentation for the standard library. The best way would be to write a tool NiceDoc, similar to javadoc. There ...  
StandardLibraryMethods 08 Aug 2003 - 15:47 - r1.3 ArjanB
An overview of the methods and function in stdlib for discussing semactics and as starting point of the documentation. The documentation comments are before the signatures ...  
StreamTypes 23 Apr 2004 - 04:42 - r1.3 RohanHart
Erik Meijer and Wolfram Schulte have some interesting ideas about "stream types" which look like they could improve some of the code I've been writing. See http:/ ...  
SuperCall 11 Apr 2003 - 22:01 - r1.3 DanielBonniot
This page documents the current super mechanism in Nice. It compares it with super in Java, and calls for discussion on ehancements. First, it does not make sense ...  
SyntanticClassHierarchy 18 Nov 2004 - 00:21 - r1.3 LucPerrin
In an attempt to understand better the syntax part of nice, here is the class hierarchy for the bossa.syntax package. I have included questions and comments for discussion ...  
SyntaxChanges 14 Feb 2004 - 22:50 - r1.2 BrianSmith
A few syntax changes are being considered now. Using the same symbol for function types and anonymous functions. Making "val" an alternative for "let". "val" would ...  

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