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Maybe a year from now, one of the most obvious special things about Nice will turn up in releases of Java and C# ( More on Generics in the CLR ).

Reading this bold statement from the Brew project "We are currently developing Brew as a successor language to Java" made me wonder "What's the vision for Nice?".

In the same way that people seem to understand that Jython is good for glueing a program together out of Java components, what would it be that they should understand Nice is good for?

Is Nice capable of stepping up with a solution to this: The Impedance Imperative Tuples + Objects + Infosets = Too Much Stuff!

Whatever the Vision thang turns out to be, my guess is that it will give a purpose that makes decisions on language features more straightforward.

-- IsaacGouy - 18 Sep 2003

The way I see it now, Nice is a generalist porgramming language. So it would be more a "successor language to Java" than a niche, specialized language. There are many improvements in Nice besides genericity. I think they mostly fit under the slogan "safety, modularity, expressivity". Is this satisfactory? Is there a clearer or more striking way to put it?

-- DanielBonniot - 30 Sep 2003

"safety, modularity, expressivity"
OK can that slogan be used to drive implementation decisions?

Let's take Safety:
- instead of nicec having a -strict option, shouldn't it be strict by default?
- is there a way to 'fix' Java's silent integer overflow / modular arithmetic?
- one or two folk were interested in Option Types until they saw cast(null), to them it seemed like an escape hatch that would inevitably be misused.

- I wish an abstract interface could be used to type fields (just a simple-minded programmer)

- type inference for polymorphic method vars (maybe one day)
- labelled tuples?
- literal XML?
OK maybe I just want to try Erik Meijer's research language ;-)
But I know why - database + program + web.

"safety, modularity, expressivity" as a slogan it's a bit too abstract, these are all good things but rather difficult to judge without doing a deal of programming. "What problem does this solve" is much easier for simple-minded programmers to understand ;-)

-- IsaacGouy? - 03 Oct 2003

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