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Does "Modification of the type system for subclasses with a different number of type parameters than the parent." mean that I could do:
class B extends A<Foo> {}
rather than the current approximation:
class B {
  A<Foo> b;
  equals(that@B) = b.equals(that);
  // other wrappers for pass through functions to make B act like an A<Foo>

Yet B exists primarily so that functions can require a B rather than allow in any kind of A<Foo>

-- RohanHart - 08 Aug 2003


class B extends A<Foo>
would be possible. In such cases the compiler only have to remember that class B has a hidden type parameter Foo. For complex cases and subclasses with more type parameters as the superclass, i don't know if it will be possible maybe can Daniel tell more about that.

-- ArjanB

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