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The current behaviour of numeric type is to silently overflow. In some cases this is what is needed, and in some cases you don't really care, because it is guaranteed no overflow will occur. However, there are also situations in which you would like a runtime exception to be thrown when overflows/underflows occur.

The JVM does not directly support this arithmetic mode. However, at least for non-long types, it is possible to perform operations on a larger JVM type than the declared type, and then check for overflows. This has of course a small performance hit, but much less than using objects (BigInteger? for instance). So it might be possible to add new types that have overflow detection semantic and good performance. I'll focus on int, but this should be doable for shorter types too. What cases are useful in practice?

Since we want to retain the current semantics for int, we should add a new type, with the meaning "a 32 bit signed integer _not modulo 2**32_".

-- DanielBonniot - 21 Dec 2003

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