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Construction is the process of creating a new object whose fields have some meaningful value. Currently, only the automaticly generated default constructor does that. It takes the value of each field as a named parameter.

Basically, a custom constructor could be defined as a normal method:

class Point { double x; double y; }
Point createPoint(double angle, double distance) = new Point(x: ..., y: ...);

The problem with this solution is that a subclass can not make use of the custom constructor for its parent, since it includes the creation of the object itself, instance of the parent class. Instead, we want the a custom constructors takes the new instance (this), and sets its fields. However, this cannot be done with a normal method, since we do not want to give a way to create an uninitialized instance, as this would be unsafe (like accessing this in a Java constructor is unsafe).

Therefore, we propose to add the concept of a custom constructor. Its declaration is similar to a method default implementation, except that it has no return type, and its name is the class C being constructed. The parameter list is arbitrary, as is the body, except the last instruction: it must be a call of the form new C(...), targetting either the automatic constructor, or another custom constructor. This guarantees that all fields are set to a correct value. The body before this last instruction can be used to compute the arguments of this last call. Nowhere is this accessible.

class Point { double x; double y; }
Point(double angle, double distance) { new Point(x: ..., y: ...); }

This allows to create a new point with new Point(angle: ..., distance: ...). Furthermore, a subclass can be constructed by reusing this custom constructor:

class ColoredPoint extends Point { String color; }

var ColoredPoint redOrigin = new ColoredPoint(angle: 0, distance: 0, color: "red");

A custom constructor can also reuse the parent custom constructor indirectly, through the default constructor of the child class:

ColoredPoint(double angle, double distance, int color) { new ColoredPoint(angle: angle, distance: distance, color: ...); }

-- DanielBonniot - 01 Oct 2003

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