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On this page the Nice Eclipse Plug-in is described

The Plug-in's progress


The plug-in consists of two parts:

the downloadable jar contains the two folders. you can download here:


Put these two folders in the %eclipse_home%/plugins folder and restart eclipse.

-- AlexGreif - 08 Jun 2003

User feedback

I just tried the plugin. Installation was very easy! I could create a new project, a new folder hello, and a file hello.nice. To go farther, I would need to be able to compile my project! :-)

If I understand well, a perspective is a set of windows that fill the screen at some point. The Nice perspective has "Nice resources" and the text editor. Note that when I created a Nice project, it did not switch automatically to the Nice perspective. Is this normal? In the "resource" perspective, there is a "task" window. That's where compilation errors will go in the future, right?

How will this work in a multi-language project (say, Nice and Java, like in the Nice compiler source)? The source files will be opened in different editors, depending on the extension? If I write an ant build file for that project, will it be possible that compile errors are parsed correctly, depending on whether they come from javac and nicec? Does eclipse support Makefile too? I know, these are advanced features. I'm just curious. For the moment, support for Nice-only projects would already be great. Keep up the good work! -- DanielBonniot - 10 Jun 2003

This plugin is a good reason for me to try out eclipse.

If you need it, I want to help the syntax highlighting since I familiar with the grammar of Nice and I have some time. -- ArjanB


One improvement I want to make to the compiler interface is to create a CompilationListener interface. It would receive messages that describe how the compilation is going. Incidentally, I will completely separate the console compiler in The package will only hold the high-level, java/nice compilation api.

A first idea for the listener is:

interface CompilationListener
  error  (Location location, String message);
  warning(Location location, String message);

  /** Reports the progress of compilation.
      phase can be: parsing, type-checking, generating code, ...
      the package can be null if the phase applies to the whole program (testing dispatch, creating the archive, compiling to native code, ...).
  progress(?String package, String phase);

I might work on this today.

-- DanielBonniot - 11 Jun 2003

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