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I was wondering if it will sometime be possible to declare inner classes in Nice ? I guess this is very useful in some cases. Inner classes are currently not accepted by the compiler. So I think the inner classes are not even planned ? (I come to this conclusion since public and private are in the list, but also not yet implemented, or am I wrong ?)

-- GamsL - 24 Jul 2002

Inner classes are one of these feature of which I am not sure if they would add anything to Nice. In this case my policy is to wait, work on what is surely useful, and listen to arguments. They are definitely in Java, but Java has no anonymous functions (which are faked by anonymous inner classes), and is class centric, so that it is useful to put a class inside another. Are there arguments to say that Nice misses them?

Actually inner classes in Java are compiled to normal classes, which have a link to their container class (roughly, I think there are visibility issues). Which gives a hint at what to do if you really miss one.

-- DanielBonniot - 25 Jul 2002

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