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We need a javadoc-like tool for Nice. If possible, it would be good to re-use someone else's existing backends and just write a frontend for Nice.

-- BrynKeller - 26 Jul 2002

A more general problem is parsing. Good parsing tools will be needed for NiceDoc and also for the EclipsePlugin. I have to say in general I like ParserCombinators better than lex/yacc - style parser generation. Anyone have such a library already?

-- BrynKeller - 25 Apr 2003

Not that I know about. Writing one in Nice could be a good test/exercise. Other options for parsing in NiceDoc: write a parser using an open-source parser generator like ANTLR, or reuse the existing JavaCC? parser used in nicec.

-- DanielBonniot - 06 Jun 2003

Following on the idea of reusing parts of the compiler, I have started improving the compilation API to make that possible. The current version (0.9.2) of the compiler offers an API to load the source of package, without generating code, but instead returning a list of packages, each one containing a list of the toplevel definitions in the package. I put together a demo for this feature, which could be the embryo of NiceDoc. You can get the source here.

-- DanielBonniot - 13 Sep 2003

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