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In an attempt to understand better the syntax part of nice, here is the class hierarchy for the bossa.syntax package. I have included questions and comments for discussion.

abstract public class Node;

public static class ClassDefinition?.ClassImplementation; Why are these not Definitions? Also, use of inner classes needs to be broken.

class Expression;

* class ConstantExp? extends Expression;

* class NullExp? extends ConstantExp?;

* class VoidConstantExp? extends ConstantExp?;

* class StringConstantExp? extends ConstantExp?;

* class TypeConstantExp? extends ConstantExp?;

class AtomicConstraint?;

abstract class Statement;

abstract class Monotype;

abstract class Pattern;

abstract class NiceField?; Why aren't fields Definitions?

class VarScope?;

interface TypeMap?;

// Misceallaneous

class Arguments;

class Contract;

class LocatedString?;

final class ValueOverride?;

class ACatch; Why is this not a statement?

// Helpers:

class JavaClasses?

final class NiceUtils?;

final class TypeConstructors?;

class TypeParameters?;

class Info (analyse.nice)

// Other

interface Macro extends gnu.expr.Inlineable

interface Module extends mlsub.compilation.Module

interface Function;

// Exceptions

class DuplicateIdentEx? extends Exception;

class UnknownIdentException? extends bossa.util.UserError;

-- LucPerrin - 17 Nov 2004

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