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A TestMachine is a machine that runs the AutomatedTests for Nice. This page documents how to set up a new TestMachine.


To be most useful, the tests should be done very frequently. The best is thus to have use a machine that is turned on permanently, and connected to the network. That way, you can configure it to run the tests, for instance, every day at a certain time. Everyting will happen automatically. It's also possible to install the test scipts on machine that are not turned on all the times. The tests can then either be run automatically when the machine is on (using for instance anancron), or manually, at special times, like shortly before a release.

To be able to send the results to the result page, you will need to have the rights to scp a file to the Nice project on sourceforge. As far as I know, this means being a member of the project. If you wish to set up a TestMachine, but are not a member of the project, contact DanielBonniot.

Setting up the tests


First, you need to download from CVS the test scripts. Choose the directory to install the scripts in, and move into it before.

cvs -z3 co tester


You need to configure two files:

The following variables are needed by the script. They all get default values.
Variable Meaning Default value
user Your user name on sourceforge $USER (your user name on the local machine)
machine A name identifying this machine hostname -f

If you need to override them, you must create a file called setup in the main directory. For instance, since my user name at home is daniel, I have a setup file with one line:


This is the file that decides what versions of tools are used to run the tests. It is possible to have several, in which case the tests will be run several times. name will be used to identify each configuration. Choose it to reflect the main points of that configuration. At the moment you only need to configure JAVA_HOME.

For instance, I have a file config.jdk1.4 that contains the following line:



Let's check that your installation is correct. From the main directory, type:


The scripts will download the latest version of Nice, and of several applications. Then it will try to bootstrap the compiler, and to use it to compile the applications.

If all goes well, you will have in the builds subdirectory the results of the testing, in the *.res files, and the logs of the build for each configuration in the *.log files. The script has also attempted to send them to sourceforge, where they will be processed to be included in the result page. That page is generated once every hour.

If there seems to be a setup problem, look at the builds/*.log files to see what happened.


This depend on your system. On unix, you can use crontab to configure when the tests should be run. I use the following contab entry:

20 13 * * *   (cd $HOME/OSS/tester; nice ./run)
Note that nice is used to give the build a low priority, so that it does not slow down my machine. It has nothing to do with Nice!

-- DanielBonniot - 26 Apr 2003

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