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An interresting idea from the Groovy language is to have an easy way to create tree like data as xml, html and user interfaces.

More info:

-- ArjanB - 08 Jan 2004

Erik Meijer using declaritive XML markup for GUIs inside a program and using declaritive XML markup for arbitrary types

public class Contact {
  sequence {
    string Name;
    string? Email;

public class Test {
  static void Main() {
    Contacts cs = <Contacts> 
                      <Name>Erik Meijer</Name>
                      <Name>Dare Obasanjo</Name>
-- IsaacGouy - 09 Jan 2004

I like the idea of a language that understands xml and can express and check types for it. But imho xml literals are just ugly. Humans should not have to grok XML

Though most things(like gui's) could be written in some xml format, it's better to have some syntax that's more general and easier to read.

-- ArjanB - 09 Jan 2004

Never wanted to read much XML myself. OTOH when I read about Groovy support for various markup languages from XML, HTML it seems reasonable to represent snippets of XML by... well, snippets of XML. That seems more obvious and more general. -- IsaacGouy - 10 Jan 2004

Speaking from experience from working with Groovy, Groovy markup is absolutely wonderful for some things, But sometimes, it's even more awkward to write XML tree constructors in function-invocation syntax than in XML syntax. It can be very annoying. Using XML in-place can be terrific - for a great example, see Scala.

-- MarkCC - 03 Jan 2005

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