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These are aspects of the language that are not covered by the User Manual, but that should be.

Aspects that should be updated:

Things that we can't do yet:

Things that have now been done:


I'll be making another round of changes to the manual in the next few weeks, and I'm going to be looking at this page first when I decide what needs coverage. So if there's something important missing from the manual, please note it on this page ASAP. Your help means a better manual, and happier users.


-- BrynKeller - 01 Oct 2003

The documentation for || with nulls should explain the interaction between || and autoboxing. In particular, 1 || 2 seems to be the same as new Integer(1) || new Integer(2). (The compiler should also be able to detected the dead code in this situation: new Integer(1) can never be null, so new Integer(2) is never executed.)

    Integer doublePipe(?Integer i) = i || new Integer(1);
    int doublePipe(int i) = i || 1;
    void main(String [] args) {

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