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TWiki's Dev web The Dev web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2018, Peter Thoeny and contributing authors. Peter Thoeny [] Peter Thoeny [] TWiki TWiki.Dev TWiki.Dev WebStatistics Statistics for Dev Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Aug 2005 1736 0 0 116 ... 2005-08-14T01:47:00Z guest 1.487 updated major UserManualOmissions These are aspects of the language that are not covered by the User Manual, but that should be. overview short paragraph giving the big information methods not contained ... 2005-07-07T10:05:00Z DanielBonniot 1.43 updated major StandardLibrary TOC Documentation for the standard library We need a documentation for the standard library. The best way would be to write a tool NiceDoc, similar to javadoc. There ... 2005-07-02T10:04:00Z guest 1.17 updated major NiceConverter It would be nice to have a tool to convert a set of Java classes to Nice syntax (e.g. stripping out the typecasts, putting argument names in all method calls, etc ... 2005-06-23T00:11:00Z guest 1.1 updated major FeatureProposals This page is where you can propose new features for Nice. page. You can also edit a feature page to comment on the proposal. PropertySyntax InnerClasses PartialApplicationSyntax ... 2005-06-23T00:08:00Z guest 1.19 updated major TypeErasureLimitations Generics are implemented in Nice using a technique called `type erasure' just like in Java 5. The technique and some of its repercussions are quite nicely described ... 2005-04-30T12:14:00Z guest 1.1 updated major NiceCompiler Implementation issues of the compiler. TodoList BadErrorMessages Documentation CompilationAPI SyntanticClassHierarchy CompilerTerminology TypeErasureLimitations Building ... 2005-04-30T12:04:00Z guest 1.6 updated major EnhancedNullTesting detail aid 671444 group id 12788 atid 362788 Section "Non-local variables" in ... 2005-04-11T14:50:00Z guest 1.1 updated major BootstrappingFromCVS Requirements: A proper javac for example the Sun or IBM ones. (not the gcj-wrapper) On Debian, for example use the `java-package' package Get the Nice module from ... 2005-04-11T12:48:00Z guest 1.3 updated major DevelopmentVersion Before a new version is released, it is sometimes available for testing purposes. List of changes You can see the latest list of changes at http://cvs.sourceforge ... 2005-04-06T13:36:00Z guest 1.3 updated major CheckedIntegerArithmetic The current behaviour of numeric type is to silently overflow. In some cases this is what is needed, and in some cases you don't really care, because it is guaranteed ... 2005-01-17T20:08:00Z MotiN 1.12 updated major EnumImplementation Nice will get enums soon but first the exact implementation and syntax needs to be discussed. TOC Specification A good starting point is the java 1.5 enum proposal ... 2005-01-16T15:22:00Z MotiN 1.8 updated major VisibilityModifiers What should be the exact semantics of the VisibilityModifiers? Can VisibilityModifiers added to method declarations or method implementations or both? How do VisibilityModifiers ... 2005-01-12T03:16:00Z RohanHart 1.15 updated major EclipsePlugin On this page the Nice Eclipse Plug-in is described TOC What is it? The "Nice Eclipse Plugin" is a plugin for the open source Eclipse IDE. It is possible to extend ... 2005-01-10T06:47:00Z guest 1.35 updated major TreeDataConstruction An interresting idea from the Groovy language is to have an easy way to create tree like data as xml, html and user interfaces. More info: ... 2005-01-03T00:09:00Z MarkCC 1.6 updated major BigPictureWhatIsItGoodFor Maybe a year from now, one of the most obvious special things about Nice will turn up in releases of Java and C# ( ... 2004-12-22T16:33:00Z MikeBeckerle 1.11 updated major

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