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This section is a repository for code fragments and programs, for illustration purposes. Please create a specific page for each example. Its WikiWord should end with the word Example.

Examples for novices

HelloWorldNoviceExample: Setup, compile and run Hello World.

FiboNoviceExample: Setup, compile and run Fibonnaci function.

ScissorsPaperRockNoviceExample: Setup, compile and run the Scissors Paper Rock multimethod implementation.

Download Language Shootout Examples 25 simple example programs (See The Great Win32 Computer Language Shootout )

Multimethod Examples

FiniteStateMachineMultiMethodExample: A simple Finite State Machine encoded directly with multimethods.

BinaryMethodsMultiMethodExample: Multimethods provide a straightforward solution to the problem of binary methods.

BuilderPatternMultiMethodExample: For performance testing, the Runabout project generates various styles of test code - Visitor, Test Case, Multi Java, Runabout etc. In Java, this kind of generator code is often written using the BuilderPattern; in Nice, multimethods provide a straightforward solution.

VisitorPatternMultiMethodExample: We'd like to reuse and extend software without modification. There are two aspects: adding a new datatype, usable with existing operations; and adding new operations for existing datatypes. This example follows the discussion in "Synthesizing Object-Oriented and Functional Design to Promote Reuse" from Functional and OO (Composite Pattern) approaches, to the Visitor Pattern and Extensible Visitor Pattern; with the addition of a straightforward implementation using multimethods and open classes.

AspectOrientedMultiMethodExample: Nice multimethods provide capabilities similar to AOP static crosscutting. Here's the Nice version of the Email example listings in "AOP banishes the tight-coupling blues".

Parametric Type Examples

NumberFiveParametricTypeExample: Subtype constraints on type parameters < T | T <: double, int <: T >

RecursiveParametricTypeExample: Shapes within Shapes.

GraphParametricTypeExample: Generic implementations of graph algorithms from the Boost Graph Library - Breadth First Search, Dijkstra Shortest Paths, Prim's Minimum Spanning Tree, Bellman Ford Shortest Paths, Johnson All-Pairs Shortest Paths. Compare with C++, ML, Haskell, Eiffel, Java Generics, Generic C# implementations in "A Comparative Study of Language Support for Generic Programming".

Java Reuse Examples

MethcallIntermediateExample: Define a Java class JavaToggleExample and subclass it in Nice, compile Nice using classes in a Java jar, setup a Nice executable archive classpath to find a Java jar - compare with MethcallBeginnerExample.

MethcallIntermediateTwoExample: Define a Nice class NiceToggleExample and subclass it in Java - compare with MethcallBeginnerExample.

User Interface Examples

HelloSwtUserInterfaceExample: Simple SWT UI event handling (requires swt.jar).

HelloSwingWorld : Shows how to write (a little more complex :-) helloworld program.

SwingLibraryExample : Shows how to write a GUI program using the Swing Library.

CSP Concurrency Examples

SimpleProducerConsumerCspExample: Simple multithreaded programming using CSP primitives from the JCSP library.


Benchmark Examples

TreeVisitorIntermediateExample: Benchmark comparison between the Java Extensible Visitor pattern and modular extension in Nice. Simple generic binary tree TreeVisitorClassesIntermediateExample extended with a subclass representing n-ary trees, and with 3 different external methods.

DispatchIntermediateExample: Benchmark comparison between typecase and double-dispatch in Java, and multiple dispatch in Nice.

BenchIntermediateExample: Martin Richards systems language benchmark Bench, written in an ordinary OO style. PacketBenchExample declares enums, TcbBenchExample uses a class initializer, SchedulerBenchExample misuses enum.hashCode, TaskBenchExample declares an interface. "Benchmarking Java with the Richards benchmark" provides some background information.

Functional Programming Examples

HaskellPreludeExample: Selected parts of the Haskell prelude, lots of functions which are useful when programming in functional style.

LazyVectorExample: A Vector subclass which computes its elements as they are they requested.

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