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There is an EclipsePlugin for the Eclipse IDE.

There is a Nice mode for Emacs included in the distribution. It highlights the source, supports automatic indentation, provides key bindings to call the compiler, and reports compilation errors by automatically moving to the error location.

Build tools

An Ant task definition to run the Nice compiler is available.

Work is under progress to integrate Nice into the Maven project management tool.


There is a simple unit testing tool that comes with Nice.


Since version 0.9.4, the Nice compiler emits debugging information as specified by JSR 45. This allows recent debuggers to provide source-level debugging for Nice.

Debuggers that are known to work well include:

Source code formatting

Highlight can transform Nice code to HTML, XHTML, RTF, LaTeX or TeX - files with coloured syntax highlighting.


See also ToolsNeedingImprovements for current issues with external tools. You help with that, sometimes as simply as by voting to ask a bug to be fixed, or of course by working on the fix yourself.

-- DanielBonniot - 21 Nov 2003

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