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Thanks for your interest in getting involved! Nice is not pushed by a single company, but developed openly by a small team, in the spirit of free software. It will be successful if enough people decide to be a part of this project.

Although the core language is fairly stable now, there are many ways to contribute to make Nice a better language. These tasks are not limited to working on the compiler, but also involve writing libraries, documentation, tools, ... Therefore, everybody who is willing to help should find something that corresponds to his talents and taste.

In general, it is a good idea to take a look at the Development section section of the Wiki. In contains information about the current developments. Here is a list of areas where help is needed.

The Language

CurrentDiscussions and FeatureProposals contain information about ideas to improve the language. Participate to the discussions and bring your particular experience and ideas on these issues. This can help make decisions, and reach a better solution than one a single person would come up with. You can also volunteer to implement one of the features, once it is specified. Some can be done by writing some library code, while others require modifying the compiler.

The Documentation and the Website

Contributing and reporting errors in the user manual, the tutorial, the code examples and the content of this wiki is very important.

This wiki would surely benefit from customization to enhance and harmonize its look and feel with the main website. The wiki software we use, TWiki, offers this functionality.

The Tools

ToolsAndLibraries has a list of projects for writing tools useful when programming in Nice. Some are already started, but can surely benefit from beta-testers, idea-providers and contributors. Others are in need of a leader to start them.

The Community

Building of community of users is an extremely important aspect for the growth of Nice. It should be possible for people to help each other, share experiences, reuse and improve library code written by others. For this to work, some infrastructure must be in place. We already have mailing-lists and forums, this Wiki, the IRC channel. For the Wiki, some work needs to be done to improve the presentation (which is customizable), so that it looks more like the main website.

It would be very useful to develop a global repository for libraries written in Nice. Some inspiration can be taken from CPAN, and I have a few ideas myself. People interested in working on this should step forward!

-- DanielBonniot - 02 Aug 2003

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