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This section is for questions that people have about Nice, and may serve as the beginnings of an FAQ, if desired. Please don't post bugs here but submit them to the bugtracker. If you have a complex question or have a larger piece of code containing the problem, consider making a topic of your question.
I've had a brief look at Nice (specifically the manual listing the features.) While it seems to have many similar features as Pizza it threw me off on a few things.

It is planned to add something to handle complex object construction. We are still thinking what the best feature is, between Java-style constructors (which have theri issues), factory methods-likes, etc... For the moment, you can define a construction function + an initialization method calling super.

I'm not sure what your point is about NullPointerException?. It can be informative in Java, to start searching for the bug that caused it. In Nice, the compiler will make sure that there is no bug in the first place. This can be done because it differenciate between types that include the null value (like ?String), and those that don't (like String). --DanielBonniot

Some things I did like about Nice over Pizza were:

As for Tuples, I'm not quite sure what my feelings towards them are... -- Vincenz

You don't need to use them if you don't like them. But they can be very useful in some cases.

Is there support or plans for LexicalClosures?? How about TypeInference??

Lexical closure (which we call anonymous functions) are already present. You can read about them in the UserManual.

There might be more type inference (in particular for anonymous functions) in the future. It is not worked on at the moment.

Seems Nice has nearly everything that is needed for FunctionalProgramming?, but I didn't find anything mentioned about its support for proper TailRecursion?. Any plans?

-- TWikiGuest - 04 Jul 2003

TailRecursion? isn't implemented yet, but it's planned. Because of the amount of changes to compiler needed for TailRecursion?, it will probably implemented after 1.0 .

-- ArjanB

Any support for multiline strings planned? It's a very annoying lack in java.

-- MartinDeMello - 29 Sep 2003

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