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A near-copy of this page exists on Python's wiki, at

[Added a few remarks in italic -- ArjanB - 20 Aug 2003]

Jython ( is an implementation of the language Python (see in Java. It runs on the JVM, and can compile to java bytecodes (like Nice). Python is a very dynamic language, with many of the same good language features of Nice.

In order of the Nice manual:





[*] Not strictly true, but close enough. See "bound methods" below.


Parametric Classes

Functions and Methods



Assertions and Contracts



Interfacing with Java

Nice methods can be called from java.


Things Specific To Jython

The above is organized according to the Nice manual, but there are a few points that still need to be touched on because they are more specific to Jython than to Nice.

This is something worht trying for Nice but parsing is bit more difficult then. I like the idea of accepting both style of syntax so everyone can choose their favorite. Not documented yet but Nice supports operator overloading by adding a method with as name the operator between backquotes.
example: String `+`(String s1, String s2) = s1.concat(s2);


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