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TWiki's Doc web The Doc web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2018, Peter Thoeny and contributing authors. Peter Thoeny [] Peter Thoeny [] TWiki TWiki.Doc TWiki.Doc WebStatistics Statistics for Doc Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Aug 2005 814 0 0 96 QuickIntroduction ... 2005-08-07T10:51:00Z guest 1.515 updated major NiceVersusScala Scala Scala has many things in common with Nice: "Scala is a modern multi-paradigm programming language designed to express common ... 2005-07-26T07:21:00Z guest 1.22 updated major CodeExamples This section is a repository for code fragments and programs, for illustration purposes. Please create a specific page for each example. Its TWiki.WikiWord should ... 2005-07-17T09:45:00Z guest 1.57 updated major GetInvolved Thanks for your interest in getting involved! Nice is not pushed by a single company, but developed openly by a small team, in the spirit of free software. It will ... 2005-07-09T18:24:00Z DanielBonniot 1.7 updated major VisitorPatternExample / Please try the NoviceExamples before the MultiMethodExamples To compile: nicec sourcepath .. a visitor.jar visitor To run: java jar visitor.jar / // Visitor Pattern ... 2005-04-28T11:56:00Z guest 1.6 updated major PowerSeriesCspExample This is an unusual use of the JCSP library. Normally the CSP processes are defined, created and then started. In this case, we spawn new processes as needed while ... 2005-04-28T11:56:00Z guest 1.8 updated major ToolsNeedingImprovements These are current issues with external tools. You help with those, sometimes as simply as by voting to ask a bug to be fixed, or of course by working on the fix yourself ... 2005-04-28T11:55:00Z guest 1.5 updated major SimpleProducerConsumerCspExample / Please try the NoviceExamples before these examples To compile: nicec classpath "jcspclasses.jar;nice-csp.jar" sourcepath .. a prodcons.jar prodcons To run: java ... 2005-04-28T11:55:00Z guest 1.9 updated major ScissorsPaperRockNoviceExample / From the command line 1) create a directory scissors 2) cd into directory scissors 3) save this source code as main.nice in directory scissors 4) compile the source ... 2005-04-28T11:55:00Z guest 1.6 updated major RecursiveParametricTypeExample / Please try the NoviceExamples before the ParametricTypeExamples To compile: nicec sourcepath .. a recursivetype.jar recursivetype To run: java jar recursivetype ... 2005-04-28T11:55:00Z guest 1.5 updated major PrimMinimumSpanningTreeExample // compilation unit Prim.nice package graph; void primMinimumSpanningTree( VertexListAndIncidenceGraph graph, Vertex s, ReadWritePropertyMap predecessor, ReadWritePropertyMap ... 2005-04-28T11:55:00Z guest 1.7 updated major NumberFiveParametricTypeExample / Please try the NoviceExamples before these examples To compile: nicec sourcepath .. a numberfive.jar numberfive / T numberFive(){ return 5; } void main(String args ... 2005-04-28T11:54:00Z guest 1.8 updated major NicecAntTaskdef To use the Nice compiler laso in an ant build script, we developed a task definition for it. Here you can see the documentation with some examples. Nicec Description ... 2005-04-28T11:54:00Z guest 1.7 updated major NiceQuestions This section is for questions that people have about Nice, and may serve as the beginnings of an FAQ, if desired. Please don't post bugs here but submit them to the ... 2005-04-28T11:54:00Z guest 1.25 updated major NiceInfo NiceInfo is the maing mailing list where users can ask questions about the language, request help with a specific problem, hear about plans to improve the language ... 2005-04-28T11:54:00Z guest 1.4 updated major NiceGeneratorMultiMethodExample / Please try the NoviceExamples before the MultiMethodExamples To compile: nicec sourcepath .. a builderpattern.jar builderpattern To run: java jar builderpattern ... 2005-04-28T11:54:00Z guest 1.6 updated major

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