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TWiki Upgrade Guide

Upgrade from TWiki 01-Dec-2001 to TWiki 01-Jan-2003 (previous to new full release)


This guide describes how to upgrade from TWiki 01-Dec-2001 to TWiki 01-Jan-2003. The new version involves several new features and numerous enhancements to the previous version.

Upgrade Requirements

Major Changes from TWiki 01-Dec-2001

Upgrade Procedure from 01-Dec-2001 to 01-Jan-2003 Release

The following steps describe the upgrade assuming that $TWIKIROOT is the root of your current 01-Dec-2001 release.

Note: These steps assume a downtime during the time of upgrade. You could install the new version in parallel to the existing one and switch over in an instant without affecting the users. As a guideline, install the new version into $TWIKIROOT/bin1, $TWIKIROOT/lib1, $TWIKIROOT/templates1, $TWIKIROOT/data/TWiki1 (from data/TWiki), $TWIKIROOT/pub/TWiki1 (from pub/TWiki), and configure TWiki.cfg to point to the same data and pub directory like the existing installation. Once tested and ready to go, reconfigure $TWIKIROOT/bin1/setlib.cfg and $TWIKIROOT/lib1/TWiki.cfg, then rename $TWIKIROOT/bin to $TWIKIROOT/bin2, $TWIKIROOT/bin1 to $TWIKIROOT/bin. Do the same with the lib, templates and data/TWiki directories.

  1. Back up and prepare:
  2. Update files in TWiki root:
  3. Update template files:
  4. Update script files:
  5. Update library files:
  6. Update data files:
  7. Update pub/TWiki files:
  8. Verify installation:

General Format Changes

Known Issues

-- PeterThoeny? - 17 Dec 2002

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