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you have reached the TWiki web (pronounced twee-kee web). TWiki is a meeting place to collaborate on common interests. Everybody can contribute by just using a web browser. It looks like a normal web site, but then... everybody can edit web pages.

Main Features of TWiki

How TWiki Works

TWiki is divided up into webs , each one represents one area of collaboration. Currently we have three TWiki webs:

Each web has hyper-linked topics. A topic is one web page in your browser.

To browse this Wiki site, just click on any highlighted link. These links are called WikiWords, and comprise two or more words with initial capitals, run together.

To edit any page, click on "Edit" at the bottom of the page. You can edit the page from within your browser, using WikiSyntax, a very simple markup language. You could also use HTML if you wish, but his is optional. (Before you can edit pages you need to register in TWikiRegistration.)

A highlighted "?" following a WikiTopic means that no content has yet been entered for that topic. You are invited to add some content by clicking on the "?". You are encouraged to include WikiWords in your content, for others to fill out later.

Please follow the TWikiTutorial to get you up to speed on TWiki.

Starting points in the TWiki.Main web

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