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Installing the Nice compiler

Select your system:


Nice can be installed inside the eclipse development platform. Download the plugin zip file, and unzip it inside the plugins sub-directory of your eclipse directory. The Nice plugin works for versions 2.1 and 3.0 of eclipse, and it includes the Nice compiler, so you don't need to install it separately.

Debian Linux

Nice is in the Debian archive, so you can simply apt-get install nice. Alternatively, you can download the Debian package from this site and install it with dpkg -i nice_*.deb.

Redhat or Mandrake Linux (rpm)

Simply download the RPM package and install it with rpm -i Nice_*.rpm.


Download the Nice.tar.gz file and save it as /tmp/Nice.tar.gz.

System installation (if you are root)

Uncompress the archive:

cd /usr/local
tar zxf /tmp/Nice.tar.gz

User installation

Uncompress the archive in your home directory:

tar zxf /tmp/Nice.tar.gz

The Nice tools are placed in the bin subdirectory. It is be a good idea to include it in your PATH.

That's it! Nice automatically recognizes where it is installed.

If you use Emacs, you should also install the Nice mode.


Download and decompress it into C:\. A Nice subdirectory will be created. Then read the documentation in Readme.txt.

Emacs for Windows is a good editor for Nice programs (and many other things!). If you use it, you should also install the Nice mode.

Other systems

There are no specific instructions for other operating systems. However Nice can be used on any system that works with Java. If you are in this situation, please contact me to share your experience and augment the documentation.

Source distribution

it is also possible to download the source code of Nice, together with a bootstrap compiler. Compilation is done by simply typing make.

Emacs mode for Nice

There is an Emacs mode for Nice which makes Emacs the editor of choice for Nice programs! To enable it, place this in your .emacs file:

;; Nice mode
;; If you installed Nice in your home directory,
;; then remove the leading ; in the next line 

;(setq load-path (cons "~/share/emacs/site-lisp/nice" load-path))
(setq auto-mode-alist 
  (cons '("\\.nice$" . nice-mode) auto-mode-alist))
(autoload 'nice-mode "nice-mode" 
  "Major mode for editing Nice programs." t)

The first line is there to ensure that the nice-mode.el file is in your Emacs load-path. You may also do that by moving the file to some standard directory. Or you may have to replace ~ by /usr or /usr/local depending on where you installed Nice.

The Nice mode will then be loaded automatically when you open .nice files. Type C-h m for the documentation of the mode.

Daniel Bonniot