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This is the current plan for future versions of the language. Comments about the new features are welcome. This includes arguing whether they are well designed, proposing alternatives, requesting that some feature should be given a higher priority because you need them more and proposing new features. Each feature should have a link, which leads to a Wiki page where it is possible to discuss its design and its implementation.

You can see the features that have been implemented recently by looking at the news file. These features are available when using the latest released version of the compiler, or for most recent ones, by installing the latest development version.


Improve the support for object creation, besides automatic constructors. Add enumerations to the language. Implement visibility modifiers (private, default, public). Improve and document the standard library nice.lang.

A plugin to write Nice programs in Eclipse will also be included. Finish a first version of the User's manual.

This will be the first official stable release of the language. This will be the time for more widespread publicity, to which everyone is welcome to contribute.

0.8 (released on May 29th, 2003)

Added various missing Java constructs: super, synchronized statements, Java 1.4 style assertions, and Java 1.5-compatible generic classes. Also implemented Design By Contract features: pre- and post-conditions for methods. Method dispatch can be done on boolean and integer values.

Daniel Bonniot