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Academic Research

Nice originates in academic research on object-orientation. It all started with the ML-Sub type system, presented at the Principles Of Programming Languages 1997 conference by Francois Bourdoncle and Stephan Merz . This article present the core type system, and proves its safety property.

A new version of the type system was presented at the Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages 2002 workshop by Daniel Bonniot. The presentation is much simpler, and it includes type inference, which is not yet present in Nice.

The extension of the type system with kinds was presented at the Workshop on Types in Programming (TIP'02) by Daniel Bonniot. It forms the theoretical basis for abstract interfaces in Nice.

Daniel Bonniot's graduation report contains information about the language, and the theory of abstract interfaces as they appear in Nice. Since then some names have changed: Bossa became Nice, and interfaces are abstract interfaces in Nice.

Daniel Bonniot